Op-1classics.com is up and running! 5 vintage synths, 300+ sounds ready to drop on your OP-1!

Apologies if you’ve seen this already on Reddit or Instagram - just thought I’d post my little contribution to the OP-1 community!

The premise behind OP-1 Classics was to provide high-quality, vintage sounds formatted for the OP-1, so you can just drag and drop them straight onto your device. I have struggled with inspiration on the OP-1 in the past, mainly due to having the same set of sounds to play with. I have made my own sample packs in the past, and downloaded one-off samples from forums, however I really wanted a place which had a large quantity of sounds which were guaranteed to all be the same high quality and format. I couldn’t find an active site which had this, so I made my own.

The first collection of packs are sourced from vintage synthesizers, including the Prophet-5, Mellotron, Farfisa, Wurli and the Vox Continental. These have been recorded using premium emulation software, modelled through classic effects, and formatted at the correct rate, note and format to make transferring to your OP-1 as easy as possible.

OP-1 Classics will release a new set of packs every month, to help keep your inspiration flowing - please find the roadmap below for a rough outline.


Sept '20 - OP-1 Classics Pack 1
Oct '20 - OP-1 Essential Pack 1 (Lo-Fi, Rock, Hip-Hop, EDM, Drum and Bass)
Nov '20 - OP-1 Classics Pack 2
Dec ’ 20 - OP-1 Essential Pack 2
Jan '20 - OP-1 Inspiration Club (Subscription Model - more to come in the coming weeks).

You can find the packs available for purchase + download at op-1classics.com, or at Bandcamp (https://op-1classics.bandcamp.com/). There is a free trial pack with 20 sounds for you to try at either site too!

I hope this is acceptable content for these forums, apologies if it’s not! I’m looking for any kind of feedback or ideas going forward you have! :slight_smile: As a thank you, using the promo code LAUNCH will get £5 off the Complete Bundle until the 16/09.

Happy producing!