OP-1F as an Audio Interface

Hi all,
Does anyone use their OP1F as an audio interface on their apple laptop? I just noticed now (im late to this) in my main system settings that the op1 automatically mounts as an audio interface when plugged in via USB-C.

I’m curious to field some clever or interesting ideas from everyone here on how they use their OP1-F as an audio interface. One use case i just did was i recorded the hi fidelity lossless audio coming from my music streaming service at tape speed 200% and then slowed it down to 100% to help transcribe some old red garland comping vocabulary. This doesnt take full advantage of the interface but the audio over usb was crystal clear and at least avoids one DAC/ADC conversion step compared to 3.5mm input.



Very cool :slight_smile: Yeah it’s handy. The OG got this in one of the last updates, but I never used it much. On the Field I use it with the iPhone ‘in the field’ with a lightning to USB-C cable, to record into the Field from the iPhone, from any source. Maybe I’ve quickly captured some sounds from a metal fence or playground equipment, using voice memos, or via the camera video recording (which is finally stereo on recent iPhones) - can then dump it into the Field easily.


I use OP-1 Field for some voice recording. Initially I thought it was perfect. Unfortunately, it has some low-volume digital hum if I amplify the external microphone enough. Not a deal-breaker for “consumer-grade” work, but still kind of annoying if you want to do something with highest possible quality.

Although, my read audio interface has a far more noticeable noise problem.

With a bit of EQ on Field, the voice capture itself is really nice. Way richer than if I just plug the same headset directly into my computer/soundcard.