OP-1f Bluetooth MIDI connection / Control start and stop

Hi everyone,

I’m using my op-1 field in pair with an MPC Live 2.

The usb midi connection works like a charm while with the Bluetooth one I have some challenges: I cannot control the start/stop of the track to and from the OP1.

Did someone make it work?

Thanks a lot!

Midi sync ? Check the button with the metronome symbol.

I tried that.

No problem over usb C, but doesn’t work via Bluetooth :pensive:

Did you advertise the ble?

And the orange encoder for other midi functions.

It seems so.

The midi keyboard works, it’s just the play/stop that doesn’t work.

And how is the metronome menu? There are different kinds of sync.

I tried with both of the following settings

Hmmm. Well maybe it is a setting in the Akai?.

someone correct me if i’m wrong
but pretty sure that midi clock does not transmit over bluetooth
only thru cable

ah i just read it again
u would think that transport messages would still send
even if clock does not
but maybe still that is where your problem lies?

That could be the reason. I’m not a midi expert

connect that shit to a midi monitor and find out :stuck_out_tongue: