OP-1F Dis-Assembly/Teardown

Has anyone taken apart an OP-1 Field?

Would someone please do it? And film it? Please?

I wanna know how it comes apart but mines too awesome and working to start risking it all for curiosity.

Something I love about the OG OP-1 is that it was easy to repair and the parts are available. I had to replace the keyboard a couple times and I also replaced the I/O board and speaker. The repairs were totally manageable and the info was online. It’s like they designed it so you could fix it easily.

But the new ones still new … So who would take it apart?

Take your OP-1F apart. Film it. I dare you.

If someone wants to do an OP-1F teardown video that would be a viral video for sure. I for one would be very appreciative.

Link it here when you do…


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like my grandpappy always told me

it aint really yours until you void the warranty



Hey folks, there are some interesting details including some internal photos done by FCC, see the Internal Photo exhibit at Teenage Engineering AB OP-1 field 002A FCC ID Z23002A


Hello. I take this occasion to introduce me as a french old man, with no real skills in english writing. But i can read. I m also not very connected, no social network belonging or so.
Thanks you all for this forum from which i learned a lot.
Anyway, I ll receive my op1f this week, and when i read you changed the keyboard a couple of times and the i/o board it gave me shivers! Even if it was on OG1.
I had a lot of relatively cheap devices such as many SP, a second hand Mv8800, many drum machines and samplers and i never had to repair anything. I only cleaned some pads (unscrewing the devices). You really frightened me.
If any of you had lived an ideal-no-cloud life with the op1, just let me know so i can sleep.
And don’t worry about having to read my prose too often, i promess i read more than i post! Bonsoir!


bonsoir claude! you will love the op1f, its a truly amazing device and their quality control has gotten better and better as time goes on. im sure you’ll be fine and even if yours has an issue, they’re really good about exchanges, its easy

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Your words are kind. I ve had an og1 in 2013 but i was so mesmerized that i didnot use it smartly enough and send it back. Now it’s a 6 months reflexion and inquirie, almost full time. I ll be reading the posts with interest, still.
Have a nice day djcuvcuv.

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de rien! i have a feeling you will some day in the not too distant future be getting an op1f :smiley: