OP-1F loud noise/static with guitar line-in

hi all,
ive noticed that when i plug my guitar directly into my op1-f line-in, it works really really well and sounds great. ive been using it this way for quite some time. lately, ive been doing longer sessions and ive started to notice a strange issue: out of nowhere, the signal will all of a sudden have a very loud static/noise, it really sounds like a bit crusher, as if the terminal effect is enabled. once this noise starts, the only thing that fixes it is if i turn the op1-f off and then on again, which mysteriously resolves the issue and im good to play for a few hours until it starts happening again. what’s also strange is that once it starts happening, even when i switch to the radio input the noise is even on the radio! strangely the synth/drum is NOT affected by this noise/static, only the input stage it seems.

ive confirmed that:

  • the guitar cable is good
  • that the microwave has not been turned on by my girlfriend
  • that the op1f is not plugged in or charging
  • that it is not the internal speaker (used headphones, ob4, etc, all the same)
  • that there are no effects enabled anywhere on the master, the vocoder, anything.

has anyone experienced this issue before? ill try to upload a little clip demoing this issue.

thanks all!

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What a strange bug.

I’ve had issues with weird noises on the input with guitars (through a pedalboard or DI). But nothing so dramatic.

My first guess - cause it’s all but guesses at this point - would be a software issue.
But then, my second guess would be some kind of weird sample rate issue. It kinda sounds like it, anyways.
And my third guess would be a hardware issue, probably on the input itself. I would contact TE right away and maybe perform a factory reset just to be sure.

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great ideas and thanks for responding. i just sent te an email with a video of the bug. let’s see what they say!

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I just ran into the same issue
It was driving me crazy
Thought it might be my headphones, the OG-1, the cable connecting them both…
Tried the with just the built-in mic and uh-oh, it’s my 6 day old OP-1f

It looks like for me, the entire input suite is affected. The line-in jack had the same static as the microphone.

Turning it off and then on again fixed it

I’ve only turned my machine off once before in the six days but I keep it on and plugged in

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thanks for chiming in. i am sending my log files to TE support to see if they can figure out how it is happening. perhaps you might want to do the same. its a chore but could help a fix in the next FW update!

How do I get the log files?

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duh sorry i forgot to mention that process :smiley:

from TE:

but it would be nice to have a look at the log files of the OP–1f, to see if we can understand a bit the cause of the problem! to get the log files, you can enter te boot mode, by holding [com] while booting the unit>connect the unit to the computer>press shift+T1>you should see a folder named log in your finder. you can zip it, and attach it here! thank you in advance for your cooperation, have a nice day!


and i forgot to mention that my entire input suite is also affected, what you describe is EXACTLY the same issue as mine

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What was the issue Chris? Did you get it resolved ?


TE could not reproduce it and since i use the TX6 now as my input it seems to have stopped happening. at least, it has not happened in the last handful of months. no idea what it could have been. odd.

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