OP-1F MIDI implementation chart

Hi folks,

Is there MIDI implementation chart for OP-1F ?

I would like to combine max8 and OP-1F to compose and perform music. I have some problem on midi sync & note to audio recording.

I found this article.

Is it the same for OP-1F?

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More or less. There are still only 4 MIDI CC ins, when using the MIDI LFO. Changing MIDI channels is a little different, and now you can connect to BTLE MIDI devices.

Also, there is more control over clock and note I/O.

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How do you guys handle OP1F RECEIVING external clock?
I cant seem to be able to make this work…

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I think it still doesn’t work over Bluetooth, but is fine over USB. How are you trying it?

hello - does anyone know if it’s possible to send midi CC data from the op-1f? wondering about the knobs sending CC data, but also op-1f lfos, envelopes, etc. thanks

It’s in the manual, I believe.

I don’t see anything in there about midi cc out, unfortunately…