OP-1F midi lfo pan, distorted sound

Hey all,

I have an OP-1 field, os version 1.4.5, and I want to set panning via the midi lfo. However, in many cases I only obtain a distorted sound.

What I learned so far:

  1. I enable the midi lfo with the “speaker + note” symbol as destination. Then, as soon as I select the last two knobs (gray or orange), my sound gets distorted - even with no midi device attached. This does not happen in other LFOs (e.g. velocity LFO).
  2. If I connect a midi device, following combinations give reasonable results without distortion
  • centered sound
    dest: “speaker + note”
    gray: set to 0
    orange: set to 0
  • sound panned to the right
    dest: “speaker + note”
    gray: set to 127
    orange set to 127
  • alternative: sound panned to the right
    dest: “speaker + note”
    gray: set to 127
    (orange: not set)
  • All other combinations I checked so far give a distorted sound.
  1. If I use velocity lfo and steer the “pan” parameter (dest: “speaker + note”, knob: gray)
  • low values (~0) are panned

  • high values (~127) are panned right

    This is how I supposed the parameter to work. But as detailed above, it does not with the midi lfo (on my device).

Is it a bug or am I stupid? Can someone reproduce the problem on their device that the sound gets distorted when “pan” is selected in the midi lfo? Any hints are welcome.


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I reported the bug to TE’s tech support (as suggested). I received a notification that they could replicate it and forwarded it to the dev team.


I just encountered this bug for the first time. Although it sounds interesting when it happens, I’m happy they are going to fix the distortion. Thanks for reporting it.

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