Op-1F / op-1 + EP-133

Hello everyone,
First post for me.
This is my question, is it better to invest in the op-1 field or rather in the op-1 + Ep-133 for example?
Basically 2000€ (yes new because I prefer with the 3 year warranty even if the used one is 500€ less) or much less expensive for a hardware combo?
I don’t know… :confused:
Your opinion(s)?!

good question. what are some of your musical goals?

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I would like to switch from a Daw to one of these two options. So I don’t really know yet what style I want to do, basically I would like to use samples obviously without leaving the keyboard composition aside. So I turn to op-1 (but which one???)! Of course the budget is an important point, does €2k justify the Field compared to a used OG? Too many questions…

i get you. personally i feel that the answer is open ended and maybe these thoughts will help you decide:

  • do you want to store more than one “project”/“song” at a time in your op1? if yes, then op1-field is a must since it holds 8 whereas op1 orig only store 1.
  • do you want to do multiple concurrent standalone drum/sample/beat projects that involve long and involved midi sequences and will be continuously tweaked and edited? if so, then the ep133 is a must since the op1 and op1-field do not have much memory for midi sequences (if you record to audio which forgoes the editability, then it can store a lot of material, but not as midi per se)
  • do you want a device that has more of a lo-fi type sound character or do you want something more pure with the option to go lo-fi? the orig op1 has a lo-fi character a lot of the time whereas the field has 32 bit stereo chain throughout but offers lo-fi effects.
  • do you want a device with some of the more recent bells and whistles which also will have more firmware and updates? bc bear in mind that the orig op1 is basically done when it comes to updates.

the orig op1 is dope, and its really fun to use, but the op1-f just has a lot more to it and is more of a future proof move whereas the orig op1 might be more of a save a buck now just to eventually need to get the field eventually.

if i were you, and i prob shouldn’t be influencing you this directly, but if i were you id get the op1-f because more devices is not always a better move. if you know how to play a keyboard/piano and have some musical background, then the op1-f will be an endless adventure. hope this helps a bit!


Very precise and detailed response, thank you very very much.


and i should also say that wherever you buy it make sure it has a warranty. i personally always buy from TE directly so that the warranty is simple and easy to take advantage of, but im sure there are other retailers that offer hassle free warranty fix/replace etc


Hi :wave:t2:,
I have just seen this subject because I am in the same situation except that I would hesitate between the Op-1 field and the Ep-133 Ko II + a master keyboard like an Akai mini play or other. Is the 2nd solution comparable to the field? Or not at all.


if you work in a DAW (and you want to work in a DAW) then id say you could sort of say its comparable. but still quite a difference.

if you want to work in the field system and use the op1f as your recording project daw thing, then its very very different.

basically depends on your desires and interest in setup

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