OP-1F & Sony ECM-MS907 microphone

Just an FYI that they seem to pair pretty well together, and if you keep an eye on eBay you can pick one up for not too much. I managed to get a pair for $45.99 including shipping.

The cord is long enough that you can set it to one side and record room ambience while using the tape or vocoder, or of course pick it up and make other sounds with it.

I thought the inout on OP-1f was only line level, not mic level?

Yeah, I was surprised by this too. The spec sheet only says “stereo input jack” and “headset support” for each of the ports.

Of course, you can run line in into a mic in; it’s just too hot and you need to tweak gain. The problem’s the other way 'round. Maybe it’s mic input level?

i have this microphone. IIRC it is very noisy. more specifically it’s not very sensitive. should work for mic-ing up close, but you’re better off using virtually any other mic.