OP-1f strange knob motion, anyone else?

Recently my OP-1field volume encoder has started creeping. If I set the volume anywhere around 3:00 I can watch the knob drift back to the 1:00 position. If I set the knob anywhere else it’s fine. The knob physically moves like a ghost is turning it. I’ve never seen something like this before.

It’s not a problem for me now, I can always set the volume to 1:00, but I worry it might become an issue in the future.

Anyone else seen their volume knob drifting?

This has happened to me as well as others. I genuinely think it’s a design flaw. I know of some one whose warranty expired and shipped their Op1f out to TE and they told him they didn’t have “the parts to fix it” and just gave him a brand new one at $195 “service fee” which if you ask me he shouldn’t have paid for because it’s a DESIGN FLAW, it wasn’t something he did that made the knob act this way. They’re all going to at one point have this jumpy and drifting encoder issue. (for lack of a better reference atm) This is like apple not telling you they’re purposefully slowing down and killing your 3 year old iphone to get you to buy the new one. & still I own all 4 pieces of the field kit. I’m a fanboy what can I say… they got me.


Thanks for the reply. That’s not good news. I have the OP-1f and I also have the TX-6. I like and use them both a lot. But when they break I don’t know that I’d replace them.

I got an advert for the new Vongon Replay synth with the boxy look and white on off-white lettering and I thought about how great TE are at design and how much other companies fail when they try to create similar products. I wish TE cared as much about build quality as they do design.

Thanks for the information, I’ll just avoid the problem until I can’t anymore.