OP-1F Tape Export to iOS

Has anyone found a way to export tapes from disk to iOS? It doesn’t work for me, and it’s so frustrating.

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No. The OP1F uses the MTP protocol for its file system over USB, which iOS doesn’t support.

Such a bummer. Thanks

Yes, just connect it to IOS as you do to a laptop or desktop. Then switch in the COM menu from MTP to Disk. Now the OP-1F will pop up in the files app as a “disk”.

I use it all the time :grin::v:

The issue with going into Disk mode is that you can only see the drum and synth folder. There is no way to access the tracks/tapes without going into MTP mode.

To access tape? I can access samples fine but not tape

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As far as i tested it works. Let me check tomorrow again to be sure!

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