OP-1f update velocity sensitivity


Im really stoked on velocity but can’t sleep on the handyness of tape clocking, input mono/stereo (which may be a setup feature for future features haha) and PRE-TAPE panning!!! That one is huge for me with stereo tapes, I’ll be able to rely less on the mixer panning and resampling when building a track, huge.


I wonder if the velocity relies upon the accelerometer or if it unlocks hardware?

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it unlocks the hardware :slight_smile:


The update appeared to update the ‘backplane’ as well as other areas. I believe the hardware keyboard is velocity sensitive in some way. Maybe it the acceleration of each key press - perhaps they measure up, nearly up and down or something. Anyway, it does work. I tested it on a hard surface in SOFT mode and it was good.


Wow - well however it works, it works! Velocity sensitivity adds a whole new dimension to the OP-1 Field. Not yet sure about the differences between Hard and Soft settings. Initially preferring Hard though.

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So happy about this update. I came very close to getting a Bluetooth midi keyboard last night. Looking forward to trying out the other update additions this weekend.

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Wow. I was not believing the velocity possibility but it’s done ! Now I know that we are suppose to push the keys hard ^^
I submitted a problem I had with mono synth inputs going only left and I’m really happy that they came up with the greatest solution. Nice UI.
Great job TE

Awesome! I was half scared to click the link in the email… was it new firmware or a new “OP-1 Field with Velocity” model which costs even more? Heheh luckily just firmware.

Sorry but is there a new update with velocity sensitivity??

How do I get it and where can I get release info? This seems to have passed me by!

https://teenage.engineering/ Look for downloads

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I’m pretty sure they’ve repeatedly said it was going to be done via the accelerometer; the keybed is, to my knowledge, the same as in the og1. Try knocking the device when playing softly and see if it makes a difference


Anyone kind soul out there discovered how the FM transmitter sync with OB4 is supposed to work?

I have never managed to get my OP1F to transmit to me OB4 so I am hoping that perhaps this new feature might make it easier…

Thank you in advance!

Push com
Turn blue to the radiotower
Turn on Ob-4
Ob-4 appears next to the tower
Press ob-4 button (3)white
Push tune button(2)
That’s it
And update. Ob-4


Thank you for that clear and detailed explanation.
Followed the instructions and it worked for time.
Not sure how often I will use it but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Interesting side effect is that there is a delay between the OP1f sound and the OB4 sound which gives a nice echo effect if you have the OP1f volume turned up.

Thanks again!

Have to say this is a great update!

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The added noise from the fm is a nice bonus.

OG-1 update where… ?


Hi, did anyone find how to do the “pre-tape” panning ?

Yes, Red encoder changes level to tape, as before. Shift+Red encoder pans the little dot to the left or right of the red volume line. It’s that simple. Shift+Click Red encoder to pan exactly back to centre.

TE could do with some better instructional resources :slight_smile:

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Shift + click the red encoder to snap back to center is really helpful thanks!

I didn’t know about that so i was just getting it close, I feel like they should add the UI thing they have on the tape loops where when you’re moving a tape marker (on the op-1f) and you pass over a bar marker the little dot kinda expands and highlights to let you know. Probably easy to implement a little notifier like that since they’ve already done it, and it would keep consistent with the ui/ux

@teenage_engineering ^?