OP-1F with CM-15 & TX-6

I want to be able to record my guitar into my OP-1F in 2 channels simultaneously: one via condenser mic and one direct/line input. is this possible with the CM-15 combined with the TX-6?

The OP-1F can only record one track at a time, but I think you could do this with a little bit of craftiness.
It depends on what you desire doing with the signal.

If you use the TX-6 (or any mixer) you can mix the 2 signals you want (DI and Mic), but you’ll only be able to record to the OP-1F as one stereo track. Fortunately, with the TX-6 you can control the mix of the two signals, add effects, eq, etc.

But if you don’t need any control, a work around without the TX-6 could be:
Record to an OP-1F Track using the line input with a L/R splitter cable.
this will record a hard left panned signal (ie. your DI) and a hard right panned signal (your mic’d guitar)
provided you’re ok with them both being mono.

Then in the OP-1F you can use the mixer to pan the track hard to one side to get that signal, and resample it to the center of another track, etc.

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extremely helpful thank you for these awesome ideas. the wrinkle is my mic needs phantom power. so i currently have an Apogee One usb audio interface and an Ear Trumpet Edwina condenser mic, and was hoping that i could safely power the Apogee interface with the OP1F and have the Apogee provide phantom power to the mic, but i worry about that somehow damaging my Op1F.

the CM15 having a battery is very very alluring to me but the tx6 doesn’t appear to have any guitar 1/4in inputs. unless i can toggle the tx6 settings to accept mono (and use the appropriate adapter) it might not quite work.

lots of things i’m pondering atm

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