OP-1f with modular

I am hoping for this thread to become a resource for specifically interfacing OP-1field with modular environment.

What are some good practices for having the two devices/platforms talking to each other?

Which MIDI modules are tested/reliable to interface with OP-1f?

What settings are folks using on both ends?

What cables?


I have been looking through various threads here, but don’t really see a direct info on many of these questions. Hopefully we can connect some dots here.

Anyone using OP-1field with their modular systems?


i’ve been using a monome ansible as a midi module to bring the field sequencing into my modular. works great :+1:


A reply I had made a little while ago explaining how to make it speak Modular midi

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Thank you for this!
I do have ansible, and would love to try it in this way.

Can you please elaborate a bit more on this?

Is there a particular firmware required for the ansible? Does it work both ways? Or just ansible as receiver of midi input?

I also have teletype and much of the monome suite, so good to know these can be integrated!

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i am on the latest ansible firmware, but i believe the midi modes have been around for a while. midi is one way, op → ansible. there are a few different midi modes, outlined here:

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Thank you for sharing this. Though I am not sure if I follow completely. Is this about syncing OP-1 to PO devices, which is using the trigger pulse method? I have one of the PO devices, and it syncs to modular triggers easily. Based on what you are sharing here looks like OP-1 can be synced the same way?
I should test this method.

Yeah it changes it from the PO Signal pulse to 1/16 pulse which from what I understand is what modular uses?

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I am not too concerned to use the OP-1 Field as a sequencer for Euro

There are far better sequencers available in Euro than there are in the field

It makes a great sound source though and my Euro is mostly FX, sequencers and modulation sources

With that in mind I’m gonna get a nice stereo input for it

Probably the Befaco Stereo Strip


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Hi, I hear you. At the same time, I would still find some use for picking up some MIDI/CV information from the Field that, if/when synced with the sounds coming from Field can drive some specific parameters of the modular processing dynamics… modulating parameters of FX in sync with the sonic content produces great results!

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You could get midi clock into a eurorack clock signal with some gear from retrokits (rk-006 is what i think they have now that does that) but its kind of pricy if thats all you need it for.

I’m not sure if that gear will do the reverse, and take a analog clock signal and give you a midi clock over usb the op-1 can sync to…

The PO clock sync on the OP-1 is an output that takes up one of stereo audio channels so you need a stereo splitter. but its not a hot enough signal i think for a lot of eurorack gear, so you might need to boost the gain with a attenuverter or something for that to work…

It can be a bit frustrating sometimes trying to sync between the OP-1 and other gear in a way that does what you want TBH. (ie. stop/start the clock when you hit play…)

If you have an OP-Z laying around it can handle as a bridge between the op-1 and the other gear pretty well i think.