op-1patches.com | New site dedicated to OP-1 Patches!


I would like to introduce an OP-1samples/patches dedicated website, I have been working on lately: op-1patches.com

As already mentioned in the other OP-1 forum, this is a project I am personally working on. I started sampling several
synthesizers and acoustic instruments of different kind. All samples
available at op-1patches.com are/will be top notch quality; they can also be used by
other software or hardware samplers, though particular attention goes to the
patches properly edited, renamed and organized in folders, for optimal
use with the OP-1. At the time of writing, that website is based on
Bandcamp, but I am not excluding adding other
purchasing/sharing-services soon. Sets can be listened/purchased at very
reasonable prices. A download link to the ZIP package will be sent to
your e-mail address after the purchase.

Here the cover album from the first set available:

New samples sets will be added soon.
All the best!

Neat! which engines are you using?

The Synth Sampler @dimi3 :wink: and perhaps Drum Sampler. They’re samples of other things meant for use with the OP-1, not samples of the OP-1 itself.

exactly @KrisM thanks for explaining :slight_smile:
They are sampled directly through the OP-1, then edited and renamed accordingly as OP-1 patches.


but does this have anything to do with?


No, that’s another one, not mine.

To avoid confusion you can also use: op-1patches.com
Soon I will add some youtube videos, showing some of those patches played with the OP-1.

http://op-1samples.com/ is @NeuOrbison’s site.

I see

I was hoping to find some nice tape flute and tape strings samples for my OP-1, mellotron style if anyone has some!

I am happy to send aiffs of sounds here if anyone wants a sample of a casiotone VL-1, MT-65, SK-1, moog little phatty, Yamaha YC25D combo organ, Korg Polysix, poly 61, monotribe, microkorg, volca, guitar though Big Muff, female vocal vowels/phrases, etc?

Hi @Lushr,

we could cooperate on some sample-packages if you’d like to. Feel free to get in touch at mail@op-1patches.com


I’m all for more sample sets but couldn’t you have thought of a different name :frowning:

Yeah, I really dig both of your projects, but agree with @NeuOrbison: a 1 character difference to an existing very similar website is not cool. Couldn’t you rebrand it as op-1patches.com, @OP1kenopi, since you already have the domain set up?

Anyway, well done both of you!

@NeuOrbison @vehka
I registered it some months ago, though I agree not to create confusion so I will rebrand it using

That’s cool , thanks. I wish you the best of luck with it.

what a stand up guy, @OP1kenopi

He is the HIFI master!



I just bought the farfisa pack from soundcloud. When I Download I just get the demos in MP3 format and the cover picture. There is no other files. You can also choose different formats but no aif. Have bandcamp changed something or am I missing something?

edit. Nevermind. Found a link in another mail =)

@Defectus :wink: