Op + I pad mini.

Ridiculous endless cave of wtf. Mind blown. Didn’t realise op tape could send start/stop to Ipad app internal sequencers. Way easier programming ‘intended’ drum patterns in Funkbox app than on OP. Route that through tonestack app for effects. Hit rec on op tape and all syncs and records perfect to Op tape. Accidently had the Ipad mic level turned up in Tonestack and got some f%£ked up pitch shifted nursey rhyme ambience in background too :wink: Feels like I haven’t even started to scratch the surface on linking these and resampling/routing/layering simultaneous synths/sampers/sequencing Ipad from OP sequencers etc. Rabbit hole…


What are you using to send midi to the iPad? Cck?

@sammyjams Usb>lightning adaptor. Works flawless so far.

Nice. I had no idea you could send start/stop with the op transport. Gonna have to try this!

Yeah me neither. Discovered by accident. Tons of new sequencing to tape grid options :wink:

Dude. Can it start/stop Korg Synkontrol?!

Is that the volca tap tempo app thing? Haven’t used that in a long time. Probably be pretty useful to me atm, thanks for reminding me about it! Not sure if it’ll receive op tape transport, will check it out tomoro.

Kinda hope it doesn’t work actually lol. Would have helped out BEFORE I got a volca to take care of sync :wink:

I’ve tried 2 different iPads 2 different connection kits lighting/30pin, cannot get solid midi in or out. Was going to post a thread on it but haven’t got round to videoing it. Beginning to think something is wrong with my op1. Get hanging notes, timings off etc etc. The lighting connection was the better of the 2 but still had issues. Weird as no other issues with the OP?

@hindsite I haven’t really connected op to ipad with midi much yet. Just starting to. Can’t really comment on how solid is in general. Seemed solid yesterday but having weird problems getting the right midi settings again in funk box today. Probably my error. Had it working again receiving tape transport from op this morning but then switched everything off and can’t get it working again. Kids are being hectic here so will try again later…

They COULD be a match made in heaven but…


@ghostly606 I’m not getting the noticeable digital interference noise mentioned in that other thread. Though I did notice it another time. Managed to get funk box responding to Op tape transport again. Took some switching off/rebooting faffing around tho. Not sure where the inconsistencies are. Whether ipad or op is the problem. Great when it’s all working but not in to wasting half hour getting it setup every time… Maybe my error somewhere tho or possible need to connect/start apps in certain order… I’ll persist with it for a while and see if it gets better.

It’s definitely the OP1 in my opinion.

One thing I just noticed is that funkbox patterns aren’t starting from their beginning when when I hit op tape play (after double tap ‘stop’ on op to reset playhead). They’re starting from like 2 steps from the end of pattern. Not sure if this was happening last night too… Had a ton of fx going and didn’t notice…

Edit - can visually see on ipad that patterns are starting from the last step in the pattern, not the first step. Anyone got any ideas?