OP-Lab HELP!!!! (op1/k-board/volca sample)

Looking for help from someone who knows what’s possible with an oplab.

I’ve got the opportunity to grab an oplab tomorrow and wondered if it will work the way I want it to work.

I’m getting a Keith McMillen k-board that plugs into gear via USB.

Could I plug the k-board and op-1 into the USB slots of the oplab and use the k-board to play notes/drums from the op-1?
Can I also then have cv out from the I oplab to set the timing for the volca sample? And would this start when I press play on the op1 or would it just keep sync?

Am I right in saying that in this setup I couldn’t use the midi out from the oplab to sync the volca because the midi out doesn’t work.

Appreciate a really fast answer(s) on this.

I use midi out from oplab to sync my volca beats to the op1. Start and stop buttons on the op1 apply and everything.


he Boy, all scenes you described are realistic with oplab use. but i would prefer the Gate out for your volca Sample. :wink:

and yes you can play things via Midi out, if its coming from usb or CV/GAte…the actual bug doesn’t let you communicate from midi in to midi out. rest is still stable!


Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

You won’t be able to send analog click to the Volca from OpLab unless you have a sequence playing on the OP1 and use the gate out from OpLab to the sync input on the Volca. It will sync to the transport of the OP1 tape via midi though as long as you have sync enabled, sometimes you have to switch modes on the OP1 to get the sync working, like go to synth then back to tape again, as there is a bug on the OP1, but doing that after setting the sync in the metro screen normally cures it.