OP lab update doesn't work

Hey everybody,
I added the OP lab to my OP-Z. I read in the user guide that I should look for updates on the TE homepage. So I downloaded the firmeware 1.1.1 for the OP lab and followed the instructions. Adding the file into the root folder of the OP-Z and than eject the disk.
The OP-Z than doesn’t complete the update. The LED are red and like that. According to the how to upgrade text it means the upgrade failed. The recommendation is repeat the procedure, which I did. But same result.
Did anyone have the same problem and know how to fix it?

Check out this guide, I had a similar problem and after following the steps there it worked: https://support.teenage.engineering/hc/en-us/articles/360019689273-oplab-why-is-it-not-working-

Thanks mate, that actually worked :slight_smile:


There was the same situation, press oplab module contacts well, everything will work.