OP Master Limiter is dual mono - quasi stereo abounds

Hey there my dudes,

I noticed recently on the op1, a cool thing.

you may already be aware, but it seems that if you pan something a bit off centre but not quite all the way hard left or right, you can create a stereo effect. at first I couldn’t figure out why this was occurring, and I thought maybe it was a glitch or something. about the phenomenon kicked around in the back of my mind until I realised it’s probably the master limiter being two independent mono limited on the left and right channel.

Do with this information what you will.

Anyone else noticed this? Any other cool tricks in relation to it?

if this information has been helpful, and you have an opZ, you could repay the favour by creating a video of that trick with the mic and the tape track looping somehow like in the other thread that no one has made a video of for some reason which has me shook

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P s. You most likely have to be smashing the limiter quite hard in order to hear this effect with any profundity

i think the master fx are also just dual mono. Most obvious on phone, which is somehow audio-triggered, and the glitches very quickly diverge L/R with the slightest pan

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Do you like it? I like the movement it adds, espesh in light of the 4 tracks each being mono.

oh it’s one of my go-to master fx, that or a subtle spring

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There is an easy way to see if effects are dual mono or stereo. Just pan hard-right and listen to the left channel. Spring, Delay and Grid are true stereo effects. The rest are not. Nor sure why CWO isn’t stereo.

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