Op shipped into the void

Hi does anyone have experience sending their op-1’s in for repair? I shipped mine to the Servicecenter-Siedler in Germany months ago. The last month and a half I’ve emailed them a number of times to check on the unit’s status but have received no reply. Maybe it’s related to the COVID situation in Germany but wonder if anyone has experience with them.

I can‘t imagine it’s because of Covid, actually everything and everybody is working here in Germany and even the postal services are back on track with almost to none delay right now. Are you sure they even received your op-1? Is this the official service centre for TE?

Yep official service center . I first contacted them March first they replied they hadn’t received it. I checked with Japan Post at that time it was in German customs. Followed up a few weeks later with Japan Post they indicate it was delivered. But since then no response from Servicecenter-Siedler. Strange.

Just to update hours after posting I got a reply with details on the repair. Do they read this forum?

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glad to hear that!

That’s usually how it works. Shipping is very erratic right now. I have some horror stories.