OP-to-LIVE 0.1 recording tracks / stems from OP-Z to Ableton Live

So I wanted to record individual tracks or stems from my OP-Z to Ableton. But it’s a lot of routing, switching, clicking and it’s not really fun. I stumbled accross the excellent Clyph-X Pro language (?) and made a small template, that facilitates this process. And the best part is: this method respects any mute groups you have set up, so you can make a complete arrangement on the OP-Z and later record your invidual tracks into Ableton with all your mute groups, breaks and so on intact. Hooray!

Anyway, you can get it here and I hope you find it useful. It’s in its early kindergarten phase, so be kind if things don’t work as perfectly. I have attached a PDF with instructions how to get it running.

Have fun!

OP-to-LIVE 0.1 recording tracks / stems from OP-Z to Ableton Live




Übrigens, gehe ich richtig der Annahme, dass du der Kollege hier bist?

Falls ja, geiles Ding! Bester Track auf der EP.

hi @sichtbeton, thanks for sharing this. It sounds fantastic. Could you make us a brief video demo, how it actually works?


hoffentlich bringts ein zwei Leuten was. freut mich wenn es funktioniert.

yes, will do. getting on it.

Thanks. Looking forward to it.

I’m testing it right now. Works well. It’s definetly faster then doing all the clicking by hand. Would be nice to see your workflow. Especially how to keep the mute groups etc. intact.

Very good that it’s working on your end. the mute groups should just stay intact as in you just record your tracks and that should be it. making a video right now…

Hi @sichtbeton. I did some track muting and punch in effects while recording the master. Am I right, that the recorded miditracks are not automated used to trigger the opz, when recording the audio tracks seperatly, to keep these live played actions?

This looks very interesting.

You need clyphx pro for it, right?

Thanks, looking forward to trying this.

yes. it’s needed to make it work


Hmm, I don’t know if I understand you correctly. It records the audio respecting the mute groups. this does afaik not pertain to the midi.

it’s done via the gain feature that cannot be dealt with directly in the opz. the template mutes all gains to 0 which you muted with it. because gain comes after mute groups in the signal flow, the audio mute groups are respected. but maybe that wasn’t your question really?

I don’t know if it works with midi. i guess midi is not affected by this gain value, therefore it probably just keeps playing.

i threw in this midi function for fun and was more concentrating on the audio recording part. i will check if there is a possibility though!

Hi @sichtbeton, my goal was to record the midi information of all the tracks, and be able to do live punch in, master and tape effects, that are not fixed programed in the step sequencer of the opz.

And afterwards send the midi information of each track, along the midi information from tape, master and punchin tracks, to record each track as an audiotrack seperatly.

I didnt manage to do that with your template. Maybe I was to stupid to see it or it wasnt intended by you.
But I was able to make a few commands with clyph-x to achieve that.

Looks like it could be worth it for the time saving of it all. Do you have a video showing how to set it up?

Yes, I finally came around to make a small video to explain it visually. It’s not super polished, but it gives an idea how to make it work. I hope this helps you guys out.


This is neat! One suggestion: wouldn’t it make more sense to use the number keys to solo tracks, instead of muting them? For instance, if I want to record track 2, I have to press buttons 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 to mute all the other tracks. It would be a lot easier to just press 2, and solo that.

it’s a good suggestion. but then again i wouldn’t know how to accommodate stem muting.

have to think about this.

thank you!

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Maybe you don’t need to mute the stems (I assume you mean the previously-recorded ones playing back in Ableton). I like to listen to them as I build up each layer.

no i meant if one would like to record more then 1 op-z track (maybe all drums) into an ableton Track.

but maybe this is something nobody needs :slight_smile:

Ah, I see. How about non-exclusive soloing? If you want to record kick and snare together, press 1 and 2 to select them, instead of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, to mute the others.