OP-Utility now supports OP-Z

The latest update allows you to create backups of the OP-Z on the move!

Visit https://metske.app/ for instructions.


Maybe this is a silly question but why back-up if you can’t restore?

Hey man, not a silly question. Really hoping to have the restore feature fully working soon.

I hardly restore backups I’ve made and mainly use the backup feature after I have finished creating a track on the OP-1 so I can wipe it and start a new one. Rarely do I want to go back to a previous track after starting a new one.

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Hey there,

Greetings from Nottingham.

Really pleased to see someone working on an app for the OP-Z. I don’t know how hard it would be to adapt it to a VST plugin or win/mac version but that would be sweet.

This looks like it will plug the gap the OP-Z is missing where it is rather ‘raw’ in terms of adding custom samples and whatnot.

I’ll be buying and supporting shortly. I’ve hit my monthly budget for music gear, as daft as that sounds considering the low price :smiley: