OP-Z + 0-coast + OP-lab module + ? audio interface/cables/daw

hello !
I have an opz and enjoy it, but there are a few things I would like…
the make noise 0-coast seems like the best option I have to get into modular and utilize the opz as a sequencer via the oplab module.

in order to set up opz + oplab + 0-coast — what other gear is essential? do I need an audio interface? what cables are needed that do not come with the gear? are there patch cables needed in addition to what comes with the 0-coast?

I have a laptop and an opz that’s it. I want to prepare to order some gear before I will be out of range to order more.

lastly, any tips about connecting to a daw? I really want multitrack recording with the opz but I cannot manage it, seems like recording stems or just muting everything but one track is the only way to record. any advice would be great !

thank you :slight_smile:

The OP-Z + OP Lab will let you sequence the 0-Coast with Midi using a 3.5mm / 1/8" TS cable from OP Lab midi out to 0-Coast midi in, as shown here. I also recommend this great 0-Coast hacks video from Loopop.

As for recording the OP-Z you can use USB audio (OP-Z is it’s own interface) or analog out (e.g. cable to external audio interface) Ollie Loops has a good tutorial.

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0-coast has MIDI in as a gentle ramp into the world of modular. you’ll want CV sequencing as soon as you can. headphone out on 0-coast also means you don’t need anything else to interface it with a computer or another audio recorder. if your laptop has an audio input already, you can use that until you’ve chosen an audio interface.
0-coast comes with very few patch cables and you’ll likely want a few more, it’s very deep while you’re at it, consider the 0-ctrl.
multitracking with a daw is where interfaces do come in, you’ll want something with at least 4 inputs, more if you can afford it. go slowly, it can get very complex very fast.

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