OP-Z + Ableton

This is turning out to be a perfect union of mobile playability.

I have this older Vaio Canvas Z tablet that is stable and great at running Ableton Live. Now that I’ve connected the OP-Z to it I’m just over the moon on the setup.

Here’s the Live Recording of the track being sequenced from the OP-Z. I midi mapped the Z encoders to certain functions in Ableton fwiw…


Hi echo_opera, awesome track! :slight_smile:

Do you mind explaining a little bit what’s your setup like? Are you using OP-Z to send MIDI signals to the different tracks on Ableton Live or the other way around? I’m curious since I also use Ableton Live and would like to try using it together with the OP-Z :smiley:

Hey how exactly is the ableton set up? Can you share a template?

Thanks for the interest. If you zoom in to the photo you can see that i have each instrument in Ableton receiving Midi per channel from the OP-Z.

In Ableton you need to select the OP-Z as an Input Source for the midi routing to work. I’ll take a screen shot later today and post it here so you can see what is ticked on in the Midi Settings.

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Hey im aware of the differetn instruments, but is it enough to assign a single channel for every OP-Z channel to get this going? Not working for me in ableton sadly …

Here are some screen shots to show you what to setup to get Midi Out from OP-Z into Live, and Midi Out from Live to the OP-Z:

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Here’s another track from the same setup. It helps to save out a template of the setup, so the next time you open Ableton with the OP-Z connected you can just start jamming.

Thanks for sharing @echo_opera, I will try this as soon as I can :smiley:

Sure thing. Let me know if you need a scene file for Ableton.

thats awesome thanks for the share. I’ve only had my opz for a few months but i keep finding out additional things it is capable of and its value only keeps growing!!!
I friggin love this little thing

Yeah, it’s a pretty amazing little piece of tech. Best investment I’ve made in an instrument in quite some time.

Can you send me this file ? Thanx

Here’s the Live Setup Sample file. You’ll need to add your own instruments and what not. Also make sure to activate the OP-Z in the Midi Input in Live’s settings view as posted in the thread.

Another day another little exploration:


I’ve organized them into a Playlist on my Soundcloud page as well:

:+1: thanx

A few people have requested that i record how to get the OP-Z set up in Ableton in order to sequence your VST instruments. Well…here is that video. Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy sequencing:

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Thanks for taking the time to annotate this so we can better understand what each setting does!! :pray:

Did you manage to use the opz as an audio interface on windows?
I can use audio over usb from the pc to the opz but not the other way around.

I haven’t tried that as of yet. Just been using it to sequence other gear and synths in DAWS.