Op-Z - Adding synth patches?

Hey, have been succesful to upload my own sample drumpacks to the OP-Z, but is there anyway to upload synthpresets like cluster or volt in any way or are you restricted to just sample-patches?

Would be nice to be able to add this, I fear that I will grow tired pretty fast of the included 96 patches (24 on each ”synth”-channel) , I have been playing on the device for about 20 hours now and feel I keep getting the same sounds out of it.

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You can upload synth sampler patches for the OP-1, but not OP-1 synth engines. Each synth channel can actually have 240 patches if all 10 plug slots are filled up. Are you swapping out the plugs on each channel or just the patches. The plug slots are on the black 1-0 keys and presets for each plug on the “white piano” keys. Every engine is interchangeable between all synth tracks.

So I haven’t been able to just drop aiff synth sample files into the synth tracks on the opz. Is it only possible to import synth sampler patches directly from the op1 and the op1.fun website? I tried making one-shot synth samples at 44.1khz mono and saving them as aiff and then dropping it on empty slot folders on bass, chord, lead and on reboot nothing is there on the opz. The only thing that works is the drum utility tool but only on the drum tracks of course. Maybe we need a synth sampler tool now?

Ahh found my issue here:



This is very misleading…I tried to import OP-1 synth files, but it doesn’t work. Too bad.

Yes, I already mentioned that a while ago… not sure who wrote that BS but they should take it down ASAP.

@punji said:
Yes, I already mentioned that a while ago… not sure who wrote that BS but they should take it down ASAP.

aaaaaaaand, it’s gone

EDIT…no it’s not :disappointed:

for me the OP-Z has come long time after the Op-1 and I must say they do compliment so well that I can‘t believe that it’s existing. It captures all the missing parts of the OP-1 that have been collected within all the years since this forum has opened and especially before the first OP-1 Forum had to be shut down.
it captures and gives back.
save some money and get the new OP-1s in 2019. this is so inspiring.

will deffo do :wink:

…I want the module :wink:

So just to check, there isn’t currently a way to share op-z synth patches between different users? If so, that seems like an odd decision, given how popular it was to have things like cuckoo’s synth patch packs in the op-1’s case.

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So far that still seems to be the case. In fact, I can’t even save my own synth patches outside of the OP-Z itself. Meaning, if I ever clear out my device to make room for new songs, I lose the presets I saved on the device. Wish they were stored in a folder somewhere on the device.

This is one of the things I least understand. Really hoping they make synth patches shareable in the next firmware update, same as the OP-1. It will be a nice boost for the community. Can’t wrap my head around why this wasn’t already since v0.1 in there.

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