OP-Z All Datas Losts no sounds

Hello to all of you.
Yesterday after a rough session with the little synth I turned it off and 2 hours later, when I light it again, I realized that all my pattern where erased. I navigated into the Op-Z and I saw that not only configurations disappeared but also all synth engines, fx and samples. I tried to upgrade de firmware, looking via the app what’s going on ( the configurator page is lock on mode " syncing"). When I plugged the device on my laptop there were nothing like a folder containing samples exacts some .txt files about upgrading firmware. I sent messages to TE,but I’m stuck for the moment. While I can rewrite pattern on the synth( producing no sounds ) I think that if I can copy the folder which are on a regular op-Z, it will work as well as the beginning. So maybe, someone of you guys could send me a copy of the Op-Z disk, hoping to find a way to reboot the machine without having to send it back and wait 3 months more ! Thanks you a lot !!!

does someone have OP-z copy disk to help me debug the machine? thanks a lot !!

Have you tried a factory reset (section 20.8 in the user guide)?

Oh it worked, but half sounds were presents none all the presets sound, but I can not download them via the app >… thanks a lot