OP-Z...all projects gone

The device just crashed, all projects are gone.

Just a heads up to anyone who’s one the fence about getting an OP-Z. If you are alright with failing buttons, pop-up encoders and your files randomly being delete, pull the trigger :wink:

I wonder what causes it to happen. Was the OP-Z recently connected to the computer, loaded new samples etc? Do you remember what you were doing when it happened? The OP-Z has crashed on me a few times with heavy effects and doing crazy tape stutters. Luckily no projects have gone missing but I’ve been backing up religiously. They need to fix the bugs ASAP

I think it was connect to the computer via bluetooth. I was using some punch in effects and also a long pattern chain running.
It froze…I restarted it and all projects were empty. My sounds were still saved for some reason…

Not sure if you saw my post about losing all samples. Had mine connected to computer via cable (was using it via midi to connect to an sl mkiii) for about 5 days. Turned off the whole rig after a session, grabbed the Z and ran out the door. Wouldn’t turn on, tried everything, ultimately pulled battery and it came back to life. One prob, tracks 1 - 4 samples were totally blank, all banks. Did a factory reset and uploaded a backup and voila, all back. Terribly worrisome as I play out w/ this thing sometimes.

I’m on the latest firmware, the sampling one whatever number it is.

Terrible…I think my samples were still there. Only the projects vanished.
The quality of this thing is not 600 bucks worth…but it’s too much fun to give back.

It’s still a new product by a tiny company and does so much… Like the same as what four or five different studio devices? Plus it’s tiny… I mean how much do you feel this is worth? I can totally see the price, I even think is underpriced but if it’s not what you really need… Maybe you were looking more for a digitakt or something?

I think the capabilities it has fit the price tag., you’re right on that…but the build quality doesn’t.

Once your encoders pop out of the unit, you’ll know :wink: Mine didn’t do it at first either, but did so after 7 months. My buttons were faulty from the get-go. And I’d argue that any instrument that has buttons double triggering constantly shouldn’t cost 600 bucks. Because that makes it way too frustrating to use. But that’s just my opinion.

// My track button for example releases on it’s own. That means when I try to switch to another track I keep it pressed, but it just releases itself…so I end up deleting steps in my sequence instead of choosing another track //

Imagine half of your computer keyboard keys trigger twice every time you hit them. You’d have to go back and delete letters and type the text again all the time…I’m guessing you wouldn’t say that that is acceptable for a pricey computer.
That’s how it feels for the “lucky” OP-Z users with their special editions.


PS: Don’t mean to attack you in any way. But I feel a bit pissed that reasonable criticism about TE products always gets deflected in some way. It seems that other small companies can manage to produce devices that don’t have such obvious quality control issues.

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Some can and some can’t, that’s the thing with small companies, allot of times they can’t make products at 100% quality control because they don’t have the buying power. That really doesn’t have anything to do with price, that’s my argument. Not that it isn’t terrible what you are going through, but that it isn’t because of the price. Look at the Tom Oberheim synths, or the Analog Solutions synths that have had horrible quality control and are extremely pricy. Those are just two but there are many… I think if anything TE had tried to take on too much with this just expecting it to be built perfectly each one and it’s too complicated. If it was simpler it could have better quality control. I do feel it is very likely that there was maybe even a few runs that had some real problems and they are being quite about it as usual hoping it will go away, I can tell you though there are built out there that do not have any problems, I know this doesn’t help your situation and I understand if you are over this product but the price of it has little to do with your issues, look at the problems recently the op1 newer batches have had and that’s twice the price.

I agree that the super small form factor doesn’t allow for any error. I guess that’s the way it goes these days. How I wish you could just open the thing up and fix the buttons like on an old MPC :smiley:

On the price issue:
Sure the OP-Z wouldn’t be flawless if the price was higher, nor would it have more flaws if the price was lower. But the flaws would be more acceptable, if the price was lower. That’s my point.

And if the price is as high as it is a customer should be able to expect some kind of quality control. Otherwise they are rewarding companies for a half-assed job…and the company might think they can just rip off their customers (Op-1 price, I’m looking at you).
And that’s the reason I think it’s important to voice these concerns. That (and of course not buying their products) is the only way of pressurising companies to put a 100% into their product and care about their customers.

PS: I’m glad we can have a calm and civilized discussion about this online, that seems to be rare these days

Me too, I really don’t want to argue and I understand your point, but we really don’t know their profit margins or if they are not putting 100%. I mean they designed it and if it’s built right then it is a solid design, but is built in Malaysia, and I’m pretty sure is not built in a , “teenage engineering” facility, infact we know it isn’t, it’s contracted work from a manufacturing company and who knows how much control they have over it being built even if they were there, and if they were how can they know there are problems without turning them on it messing with them? I’m sure the “production samples” they were given were perfect but a month on after they have left? Who knows? I mean if it’s a company like Roland that is contacting there work then yes there can be serious reprocussions for lazy manufacturing but some sweedish company of a couple of guys they have never heard of?

I think if they would have just focused on a sampler and sequencer and forget the other stuff they could have sold it much cheaper and with less problems and customers would have liked it just as well. But what do I know… They always are pushing the envelope that is their thing.

It seems like if they were to release a flawless / high quality product then they would never have released it because they lack the knowledge / resources to do so… Is that acceptable? Maybe for some people yes, because it is such a unique device. Putting pressure on TE by not buying it could simply kill the product. Supporting it as is now may allow them to improve it and fix all the issues in the future. Or not, we can’t really know because TE is not predictable at all.

PS: I chose to wait a few years before buying one.

I really believe the opz is a high quality product that I love and is just as well built as anything I have, it has had some build issues but I think at this point that will get ironed out and is/will be a issue for the past. Having said that for those that are having issues I would really recommend the digitakt. I use both about the same amount and really love the digitakt and feel it is the equal if not built to a higher level. They have differences but it can do things the opz can’t so I would think it’ll that like this will like that if that makes sense, lol.

It does sound much better too.