Op-Z and bluetooth controllers

Hi there,
Being a total midi noob, has anyone managed to make Bluetooth midi controllers play notes on the OPz ?
Is the use of iPhone mandatory to pass the notes ? I ce seen a video where the op z controlled a mpc live wirelessly, do you remember ???
Cheers !

i’ve successfully used roli lightpad block to control op-z. yes, ios or any other host device seems to be a must - technically i don’t see any other way to connect to op-z via bluetooth

Could you describe how you managed ? I also have a lightpad block and à seaboard block :wink:

that’s pretty easy - you get both connected over bluetooth to the host (iphone in my case), op-z as well as any other app capable of connecting bluetooth midi devices should work just fine here.

once connected, you’ll need some software to set roli as midi source and op-z as midi destination - i had audiobus 3 already in place, but people say midimittr is good for the job.

and that’s basically it once you pick the channel(s) to send midi messages to (that would be op-z channels, same as op-z tracks in this case) from your midi controller (roli). it should work right away

Yeah thanks a lot will try this !

Ok so it did work with piano mode with basic operation, but i can’t get the other actions to work such as press, slide, etc.

I swear the original op-z spec listed pairing feature with the OD-11’s Ortho remote knob - presumably for assigning a toggle control to the click, and CC# to the knob.

Does anyone else recall that?
anyone with an Ortho remote tried it or got it working?