Op-z and iPhone travel query

Just bought an op-z whilst on holiday today and I’m wondering if there’s a way to put samples onto it without having my laptop with me? I have a usb camera connection dongle with me which I just used to download and install the latest firmware with which I thought was pretty neat. I’m not that familiar with the opz app, can that be used to manage samples?
Or can I mount the op-z as a drive on my phone and copy samples across?
Or maybe just play sounds into it over usb c from the phone?


This. Connect it, switch to sampling mode and sample.


Nice one cheers!!

u could also use your phone to store, load and manage full kits

also backups of your projects, songs, etc


Is there a blogpost/thread/video on that? I didn’t find one.


Interesting! I’ve used the op-1 drum utility in the past to make beat kits, but might be tricky to do that sort of thing on my phone right now. I dumped loads of breaks samples on my phone before I left on the trip, so that’s all I’ve got for now basically.
Maybe there’s some kits online I can download and try loading up from somewhere that have already been prepared.