OP-Z and iRig Midi 2 Pleasantly suprised

I bought a USB-c to USB-a adapter and hooked it directly into an iRig Midi 2 and it works great. Created a sequence on a korg microstation with 16 tracks. Tested mixing the OP-Z bass sound with my SH01A to get some massive bass.

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Cool, thanks for confirming it works well. Looks like a useful bit of gear. Does the OP-Z power it or something else?

I’m also interested in an SH-01a for bass and leads.

Yes the iRig gets enough power from the OP-Z for a direct connection. I love the way the SH-01a sounds the only draw back that may or may not be a deal breaker is that the LFO doesn’t sync to midi clock. I hope Roland changes this in the future. One cool thing about it is the USB Audio feature just like the OP-Z.

Thanks for the heads up about LFO sync. That is annoying, hope they fix it but I don’t have any idea how often Roland upgrades their units, or if it is something they chose as a connection back to the old sh-101? I still want one, but there are other synths like micromonsta 2, minilogue XD, sonicware elz 1… Too many synths, not enough money or desk space :laughing:

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Exactly, I don’t hold out too much hope for Roland updates but it does sound great! I satisfied my Minilogue XD craving with a NTS-1 and now i use it for my main effects thru box, love it!

I’ve also got the NTS-1 and use it for effects but rarely as a synth so I still have minilogue in mind for polyphony.

I’ve only seen a bit on adding new effects to the NTS-1 so need to investigate that further.

This is a nice walkthrough on how to add custom oscillators and effects to the NTS-1…

Plus shows where to go for free packs.

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Yeah, KORG made an official repository with links to lots of oscillator and effect units for the NTS-1:

I actually have two NTS-1 that I use as multi-effect devices. They offer as much in that regard as pedals that cost five times as much IMHO, and will only get better over time when new effects are programmed.

For effects like that, my favorite units right now are…

  • Oscillators: WTF and Krystal
  • Mod Effects: RandomDemo (meant as an illustrative example, but fairly awesome IMHO)
  • Delay: Grit, Smoke, Lobit PP
  • Reverb: Riser (built-in), Cathedral, Haze, Mist

Some of the Sinevibes stuff sounds amazing, I think it won’t be long until I can no longer resist their Droplet or Corrosion…


Wow, my mind has been expanded… thanks for sharing. How many extra oscillators and effects can the NTS-1 store?

16 each for Oscillators and Modulations, 8 each for Delays and Reverbs.

I’d prefer it the other way around, but it is primarily a synth I guess :slight_smile:

That is very cool. A lot of options then. I can see the value in having two. (I think most people use it only for fx)

My mind is slightly blown that NTS-1 can be used as a live looper :exploding_head: any experiences with that?

Nope, sorry. I had some looper effects on it, but didn’t really explore them. Maybe somebody else can help you with that :slight_smile:

No worries, I’ll just have to try it myself :grinning: