OP-Z and KeyStep Questions

Hey folks! So I just picked up an Arturia KeyStep to add some bigger keys to my OP-Z. I’ve been able to get the Chord track working fine, but whenever I change the channel to play kick, snare, etc, I don’t seem to get any sound from the OP-Z. What could be causing this issue? I’m new to the Midi world so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

Just tried a few things and verified that the Keystep can play the drum tracks.

I find the easiest way to start with the Keystep is to set it to channel 1 (Shift + Keyboard Midi Ch 1, lowest key) and then make sure your OP-Z has the Channel One to Active mode on: https://teenage.engineering/guides/op-z/midi This mode is good for getting started and testing things out, though it’s very cool/powerful to use each midi channel to address each OP-Z instrument (ch 2 = snare, ch 3 = hats, etc).

Sometimes you need to try a few different octaves to get to the right place, the latest firmware seems to change the pitch when you play lower or higher notes. I don’t remember that happening before, though it could have.

I really like how the OP-Z can power the Keystep, makes for a really cool little setup.

So I got all the sounds working, just had to activate them in the module section. However I’m finding that I can only play the KeyStep when I have the OP-Z app on my phone. Is this the case for you?

Just noticed your reply! Hmm, it works for me without being connected to my phone, hopefully you got it all worked out.

Hey! Thanks for the reply. I’ve found that on my KeyStep that Midi Channel 1 controls the Chord function on OP-Z. I’ve tried other midi channels on the KeyStep in different octaves but haven’t gotten any sound. Could this be a firmware issue?