OP-Z and Moog / Eurorack?

Hey, bit the bullet again and bought another Op-Z (this time with a warranty, previous one had a bad curve to to it).

Got some modular Moog setups such as the DFAM, and Mother-32. Ended up buying the OP Lab module, I should be able to patch into these correct?

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Correct, oplab module has pitch and gate CV output that you can then patch into any modular type system. Also, it has full midi input and output, so you can connect a midi pin cable from the mother-32 or dfam into the OP-Z and then control them using the OP-Z.

It’ll work just fine! If you have 1/8”TRS to 2x 1/8”TS splitter cables you can even use the dials to control two parameters on the Moogs.

IIRC the OP-Lab Module outputs 0v to 5v on the pitch output but the Mother-32 accepts -5v to 5v. This won’t hurt anything, it just means the OP-Z can only sequence across up to five octaves. Use the Mother-32’s built-in keyboard to set the base pitch.