OP-Z and new OPLAB


Nobody talking about this?
Or did I miss that thread.


I guess you mean this: Module shipped
It’s buggy, at least mine is…


Not a bug here. I can get almost every mode working on mine.

There is one mode I am having trouble accessing and it is the
gate track out. It says something cryptic like…

“how to make a step output a trig pulse: hold shift, select step(s) 1-16, press jump and press value 0.”

Then I feel like I eat too much ice cream… If anyone can chime n on that it would be great.

Aside from that MIDI works great. PO trig out is fine, and all the CV works as expected.


That’s the “gate step” step component - The 0 key for the Jump step components. It allows you to have any trig on tracks 1-8 send a pulse.



Somehow when you said it, that makes way more sense.
Now it works…You Rock sketcherazzi!


Also on the Facebook group and Discord I think hotscience mentioned that you can have any track send midi to the Module track, and it will go out through cv. So in the App, set any of channels 1-8 to send midi to track 14. For example, the kick track. Then you can use some step components or punch in effects on that track to go through cv!