OP-Z and the original OPLab...?

I’ve been walking around feeling satisfied that I’ve got an original OPLab to solve all my connection problems between my Pro-One, OP-1s and my OP-Z :slight_smile: Until I actually tried it tonight that is. Fell over on the first step, no amount of internal config on the OP-Z seems to get MIDI going into the OPLab (set to mode 0 and correct input, for example)…has anyone solved this?

Yeah, I have an original olplab and midi doesn’t seem to work with the OP-Z over usb

did you already tried the Host USB connection on the OG oplab?

at the moment the OG oplab is not connected but it worked over USB as expected.

it’s a bit flakey when everything is connected and you put in the power to the 9V input, that means you have to replug the power but other than that it should work.


Ah, no. I didn’t think of that. I was too lazy to dig out the power adapter, so was running things from the usb host port. Looks like I’ll have to nip out and buy a USB mini - USB C adapter, don’t think I have the right converters atm. I also tried midi to cv, with approximately zero success. But hoping that will be rectified by using the power adapter, which would make sense :slight_smile:

basically a normal micro usb to A cable should work connecting that with an A to Usb C adapter.

the OP-Z should act like a computer and you have two spare USBs on the Oplab.

the CV/Gate connection works only on channel 1 & 15

have you updated the Oplab yet?

Aha! Setting the right channel on my Juno allowed me to control the Pro-One. Plus I found an adapter that works and I just managed to control the Pro-One from the OP-Z. Pretty weird experience, actually :slight_smile: All solved, thanks very much for your help!


(Yeah, it’s on the latest firmware :+1:)

Didn’t think of that either. Will have to try it out

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Thanks so much - was driving me nuts :pray: