OP-Z and Zoia

Are not playing nice together right now. Im using an oplab module to send midi out which im mainly using to sync a looper and some other synths but I do want to send notes and some CC messages. The issue is that CC60 is the bypass toggle for the Zoia and I cant seem to get it to ignore CC60 nor have I been able to keep the OP-Z from sending messages over CC60. Any advice is appreciated.

Check in the op-z App midi settings if CC60 is assigned to any parameter in any track. Then either change that value or midi-mute that track. Also make sure Midi Echo is disabled in case you also send midi to the op-z that may create issues back in the zoia or other devices. I had an issue once where the op-z was changing settings in my 0-coast that way.

Right now I have the app set to defaults (double checked the json) the issue is track step count is on CC60. There are unused CC values like CC65 so if there is a way to set track step count to CC65 that’d work for me.

CC60 is accepted on the incoming side, this assignment can‘t be changed. But as long as midi echo is off, the op-z should not send out CC60, even when it’s sent to the op-z from outside. Or is your issue that the zoia changes track step lengths on the op-z?

I’m just sending midi out, echo is off. I am using 11 step tracks and stringing projects in the pattern. Midi out (oplab) → midi in (zoia) thats it.

So after changing the channel out order in the json things seem to be working fine. My guess is that when I had active track to channel 1 going it somehow left those values set to 0 and with multiple CC messages on channel 1 it moved the CC messages to the last value +16. Just a guess so if anything changes I’ll update but for now it seems fixed.

Interesting… sounds like a bug somewhere, honestly I have never used the „set active track to channel 1“ feature

It was default. I did a factory reset a few months ago before updating the firmware so it’s as crispy as it can be. Forgot to switch it off for a while and didn’t really think anything of it.