OP-Z Android App Video Output

Hello all!

I was hoping to get some guidance on setting up a process to get the Android video out from my phone to my computer. I see so many nice youtube videos that appear to pull the output and composite in a scene but I haven’t found any guide for achieving this.

I’ve used OBS to capture the Mac OS app as a screencast but I’m not happy with that setup. I figure there must be a better way to get it as a clean video source (like is described in the manual). I’d be happy to use my Windows machine if that ends up easier.

I’m using an Android phone (v11) and would love to plug in usb to usb (so far no joy in having it recognized), or usb to hdmi (haven’t done that yet, waiting on a converter:crossed_fingers:).

I didn’t find anything on this topic, so if there is a solution out there I’d appreciate a point in the right direction.


Update in case anyone searches for this.

For an Android app, I had good success with a USB HDMI capture dongle (make sure it’s a capture device and not just a converter). It mirrored the app screen totally fine with not additional set up.

Now I’m still unsure if the app can output a version of the visualization without the number of the slide at the top (say for photomatic) or the control bar at the bottom. Currently I’m cropping the output in OBS to remove the bottom bar. :man_shrugging:

I like it better than capturing the Mac app because the Mac apps weird emulator kills my battery and pegs my fans.

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