Op-Z : Animations gone in 2023

I just got the Op-z and the animations for punch in effects and motion is gone. A factory reset solves the problem but as soon as I clear a preset and make new patterns somehow the animations disappear…
Read and wrote in another thread but is this a known bug even in 2023?

No one else with this issue?

It seems to be working okay for me… I am making sure I have the latest FW on op-z and the latest app version, then I will let you know if I am still getting the same result.

Thanks. I have the latest versions both on op-z and the app.

Can you verify the versions for both app & opz? Just want to confirm I have the same…

OP-Z version 1.2.45

APP version 1.3.0

It seems to be working with above stated versions… Also, I have an android.

That’s what I have too. Also android, samsung tablet and a oneplus 8t phone.
If I factory reset the op-z everything works fine but if I paste a backup from my computer it doesn’t work anymore.