Op-z app new update 1.2.13!

The new app version it’s arrived!
Major photomatic update:
Support for video clip and gif animation
Brand new photo/clip editor
Crossfading and two new fx
More features and fixed !



And on the bluetooth connection side there is an option for the ob 4.
You can connect it but it disconnects after a few seconds.

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very very nice!! unfortunately my OpZ is in for repair, chased by the doubletrigger ghost.

…maybe on Friday it’s time for the new OS (hopefully coming with individual drum synth engines and/or 4 trigs per step on drum tracks)

oh boy, i miss ya

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Sorry, but there do you get the information about the update? Can’t see in App Store or teenage website.


You mean a new firmware update this Friday? How do you know that?


Is your iOS updated to 14.3? 14.2 had bluetooth connecting and disconnecting after a few seconds you probably know this though if you’ve been trying to connect your op-z

My ipad is from the stoneage so i am still on ios 12.
But the new movie function in photomatic is spectaculair. Woozy and trippy.


They have sent an email about it if you have suscribed to the TE newsletter.
And if you go to your apps list on your phone, you can see that you can now update the op-z app. And then, TA-DAAA ! :grin:

Great thanx, found the app update at the Apple App Store finally, hope for the firmware on friday with new functions, greets

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I be interested to hear how much the repair cost - or is it still under warranty?

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Yeah if you fix the dbl trigs I’d be all ears. Mine’s getting worse I think.

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warranty :sweat_smile:

Sounds awesome, looking forward to trying it

Do you need to have the latest iOS to install the app? Video visuals sync’d to the music sounds very appealing but I haven avoided updating to the new iOS so far.

And was anyone else constantly refreshing the teenage engineering downloads page on Friday thinking there was a new firmware coming? :laughing:

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Unfortunately no update on the firmware so far, guess they bringing something next week in conjunction to the ob4 product. But these are only my thoughts. Personally I’m looking for basic functions to copy a instrument track to another track without midi loopback. Some better options for Lfo routings, new synths…But we will see.

A drum synth engine (like the PO-32 tonic) would be awesome!


And the ability to make a decent cappuccino.

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does anyone know something about this?

The coffee machine :crazy_face:


Could this be a projector for the op-z? With cooling fan for the lightbulb.