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Hi group. I tried firing up the OP-Z app for my MacBook for the first time yesterday. The OP-Z connected via the usb cable. I noticed within seconds that the MacBook Pro fan kicked in, normally indicative of processor heavy work.
I checked activity monitor and saw that the app was consuming the bulk of cpu processes.

I have 8gb of RAM though the laptop itself is a late 2013 model. Does this situation seem right to you?

My MacBook Pro is old as dirt (2009) and it the OP-Z app runs pretty slow and stutters when running the visual stuff. Think mine has 4gb ram, but it’s time to upgrade. At first I genuinely thought it was just my computer. Curious to how it runs on a newer Mac book air/pro/iMac etc. it runs pretty smooth on my iPhone 8, no trouble there really.

iOS is pretty hot aswell on Iphone 7

I suppose the thing that bothers me about this is that I can boot up Logic Pro and start mangling out a track with zero fan noise. I boot up OP-Z software on the other hand, and it’s like an elephant and rhino have decided to start jumping up and down on my CPU…that’s before I’ve even pressed a key on the synth. Surely that isn’t right?

Oh, and I made a mistake. I said I have 8gb of RAM (It’s been so longs since I looked) I’ve actually got 16gb

I have a maxed out 2017 MacBook Pro and have the same issues with the opz app. Hopefully TE can optimize it soon.

In terms of processing I think logic is less of a resource hog than unity. I don’t think logic uses your GPU for audio DSP while Unity should spin up your GPU to run the graphics. If you don’t have a GPU than your CPU will need to pick up the slack. Fan noise in general is totally normal, especially when running something made in 2019 on something made in 2013.

I have a hand me down ipad air from like 2013 and the video packs studder and don’t run very smoothly. The pages showing what the synth does work fine tho.

Is your system software fully up to date? What version of OS X are you using? Do you know what the latest version you can run is?

Thanks for the info. I’m on OS X 10.14.4 Mojave. Fans come on very rarely even though the Macbook is gradually sinking into antiquity. The Unity angle is something I hadn’t considered and makes sense now you’ve highlighted it. Thanks for clearing that up. I’ll stick to iOS link/app rather than making my old laptop huff and wheeze.

I don’t think the OS X app is quite as polished. I can’t figure out how to use photostatic. I am in the same boat as @oxxi so while your performance is not very surprising to me, I do think the OS X version needs some work from TE.

Does anybody else use multiple displays on their mac? I do, and when I open the app one of the screens goes blank (where the OP-Z should be)

It works, with the problem previously mentioned, when I use only one display

I’ve managed to lower the CPU by using the windowed mode and resizing the app. It still consumes a lot of processing power, though

EDIT: added the link to TE’s instruction on windowed mode

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Hey guys, everyone is saying this, but I thought I was alone as well! My 2015 Macbook runs the app fine enough, (occasional lag here and then) but it puts a serious strain on my computer, just like the other reports my fan kicks in near immediately after starting the program. I could be wrong but I feel like it slows down other apps and it drains my battery faster then when Im using ableton. Also thanks for the tip bichuelo Im gonna try that now!

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Mine runs less hot when I right click the app->Get Info, then turn on “Open in Low Resolution”.

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