OP-Z as audio interface on Android (I'm using a Pixel 6)

Hiya. Is anyone using their OP-Z as an audio interface with an Android phone? I’m trying this with a Pixel 6 (Android 13), but I can’t get audio from phone to go through the opz, despite selecting it, and when I connect them up the sound stops coming out of the phone, as if it’s now using the opz as an audio interface, but no sound comes out. It works on my computer and on an iPad like this, but not with my Android phone.

Has anyone else got this working? I’d like to use Sunvox on my phone and blend the sounds with what’s playing on the opz and maybe also send midi data from the opz to the phone.

Maybe I’m expecting too much…

Okay. This does work on my old phone, just not the Pixel 6, so it seems to be an issue with this particular Android phone.

Any joy with this?

Weird considering there is a TE tie-in for the Pixel phones.

Nope. No joy. It’s a problem with the Pixel 6. I can’t use any USB audio interface with it. That includes my Motu M2 and a Behringer UMC404HD. Tried everything and have decided it just won’t work. Very annoying.