OP-Z as clock source for analogue synths

Hopefully I’m phrasing this right but I’m struggling to work out how to use the tempo on my OP-Z as a clock source for my DFAM. I’m using the oplab module but no matter what cable, port or phase of the moon nothing seems to work.

Looking at the docs CV should send the clock signal but I’m out of ideas. Rather than getting into further knots or (likely) explaining things incorrectly, has anyone done this?

…and I thought MIDI sync was a ball ache!

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How about that switch on the module? I’m guessing you’ve already tried that!

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I’ve just been playing with my op-z (I also have the oplab module) and I can’t get the lights to display on the gate and cv sockets at all… I only use the MIDI normally. I’ll keep investigating…

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Okay, well I don’t have anything to test this on, but by selecting the ‘module’ channel on the op-z I can send a signal out of the gate socket. The light comes on above it and I plugged a crappy old pair of headphones into the gate socket to hear the click.

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Buy a DFAM to test it :stuck_out_tongue: you won’t regret it! I tried all of the above but I can’t say I looked at the lights… I know it works with MIDI as I had it working beautifully with my Behringer stuff.

I’ll report back

Don’t tempt me…
But yeah, select the ‘module’ channel and on the oplab switch it to ‘trig’.
See if that does the trick.

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correct me if i’m wrong
but in TRIG mode don’t u have to actually enter the trigs into the sequencer?
maybe u would want to select PO if all u want is a steady tempo pulse

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WOOHOOO!!! sorted! I must have turned the clock out off. No LEDS… Quick look an we’re sorted.

So, I think all I needed to do is set it to Clock Out, fill all the 16 steps with the module track and then the Gate LED started lighting up. This could open up some interesting stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

so the clock out enable in the MIDI settings also controls the analog clock out?

i use cv out instead of clock. but when midi out is desabled, module doesn’t send cv out. so I assume it applies to clock as well.

Oplab module user here. First thing - make sure you’ve updated the module to the latest firmware. Much more stable and among other things clearly animates the module LEDs when you’ve switched on to show it’s connected. Next - clocking analog can mean lots of the things. I use it to clock my ancient SH-101 by setting the out socket on the module to Trig and setting jump step components with value 0 on any audio track (1-8). Jump is the one on the high B button.

It’s a bit confusing - you don’t use the module track for this, and the step components you set have no effect on the track you place them on! For straight clocking, put a jump step component on all 16 steps. For interesting syncopation and randomness, miss a few steps out.

This is the bit in the Oplab manual about it:


trigger output (0 or +5V). this output emits a short pulse suitable for triggering drum synths, arpeggiators, gate inputs, etc. it uses the tip of the connector, so a mono cable is fine.

to make any a step output a trig pulse:

  • select any audio track
  • press and hold shift
  • select step(s) 1-16
  • press jump
  • press value key 0
  • release shift
  • press play and verify
    led activity
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