OP-Z audio interface to iPhone with USB-C to Lightning Cable?

I tried connecting my OP-Z and iPhone SE using an official Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable. The phone buzzes when the connection happens, but no apps seem to pick the OP-Z up as an audio interface (Garage Band, iRig Recorder).

I’ve been able to use the OP-Z as an audio interface to my Macbook Pro, but no dice on the iPhone.

Are there any special tricks to using an OP-Z as an audio interface on the iPhone, or is this an iPad-only thing?

My goal is to record directly to my iPhone when I’m traveling.

i don’t think the usb to lightning cable works like that

u prolly need the camera connection cable or whatever they are calling it these days


or this

Hey, we made a video about connecting the OPZ with an iPhone. The official apple Lightning to USB adapter as well as the USB to Lightning Camera kit both with. Check out this video, I hope it helps. Let me know if you’re still having issues.

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