Op-z Audio interface


I am confused :man_shrugging: again about the op-z. I have the new firmware. It is supposed to behave as an audio interface, at least in sample mode. So, I connected it to my iPad, and it actually showed up while the OP-Z was not in sample mode. I could record complete songs from the OP-z, and I thought… this is great… but it worked only once. Next time I reconnected, it didn’t show up.
Is there a way yet to have it connect as audio interface in non sample mode, or did I just run into a weird bug…?

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Oh, I think I found out myself what the problem was. If I plug in the usb cable and connected camera connection kit into the iPad, it does not work. However, if I plug the usb cable into the camera connection kit already in the iPad, it works.

This is probably the iPad’s fault rather than OP-Z’s… iOS routes audio based on the last connected audio device, so the order you plug things in matters. Intermediate dongles and hubs seem to confuse it a lot of times though. So, the first step in debugging iOS audio routing issues is to unplug and replug everything in a different order. Maybe one day we’ll have the ability to just configure audio routing manually like civilized people!

Try plugging it all in before turning on the OP-Z. That fixes it every time for me.