OP-Z audio issues


I have a problem with popping / clicking audio on my OP-Z.

When I am on the drum track, certain samples will a loud klick after the kick sound, when previewing or in the track - like a clipping noise, although it shouldn’t be clipping. Again, this happens on the preview and on the track in playback. Changing parameters doesn’t help. I looked at the app, to see if it’s actually clipping. But that doesn’t seem to be that case.
The clicking noise is sort of like an “sample playback stopped noise” if you know what I mean, like unclean stop of the signal.
Those drum sounds are unusable to me.

Then I have “ghost” sounds. So there are noises / clicks playing, when there’s no steps on a track.
It seems to happen, if there’s previously were steps on the track, and I then removed them. This is mostly on the end of tracks, so the last steps. These ghost sounds are like dirty echoes from an FX channel / return.

I already tried turning off and on again.

Anybody else having any audio issues?

Factory reset the opz, maybe it helps

#> @vanratingen said:

Factory reset the opz, maybe it helps

Ok, thanks, I’ll try that.

factory samples or custom? would be awesome if you can upload a sound-recording

Are you modding the envelopes with longer decay? Shift + Green leds? Overloading the master mix?

Are you modulating Rez by mistake ?

I’m having the same problem, did the factory reset and reinstalled the firmware to no avail. The noise appears only on the headphones output, sounds clean when recording through the internal usb interface. Did you figured out a solution?

Here is a recording of what I’m referring to. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7p1o2a76xlwgu46/opz%20clicks%20and%20pops.m4a?dl=0

Resetting the OP-Z actually did the trick for me back then!