OP-Z audio issues

Are you modding the envelopes with longer decay? Shift + Green leds? Overloading the master mix?

Are you modulating Rez by mistake ?

I’m having the same problem, did the factory reset and reinstalled the firmware to no avail. The noise appears only on the headphones output, sounds clean when recording through the internal usb interface. Did you figured out a solution?

Here is a recording of what I’m referring to. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7p1o2a76xlwgu46/opz%20clicks%20and%20pops.m4a?dl=0

Resetting the OP-Z actually did the trick for me back then!


I’m experiencing the same problems as aylk. Have you found a solution?

Hi, I am experiencing the same audio problems as in your recording linked above. How did you fix this?

Ended up sending it back to TE for repair. They were very helpful and responsive, got it back in about two weeks if I remember right. Good luck.


Sadly I’m experiencing this too — OP-Z clicks after loud transient sounds, like metronome and kick drums. Only with headphones. Factory reset did not help unfortunately.

it happens because you probably have something going on in tape track*(11) and if loop1* uses synth A track(6) and next loop2 uses synth B track(6) , tape track glitches. solution for me is to use tape track more strategically when im having many different synths in one project.

this may also happen is you have a heavy delay effect in track (9,10) that applies to synth A and B when switching loops.

*by track I mean instrument on channel 6. And synth A and B are the instruments stored on track 6
*by loop i mean your sequence 1 out of 16.

I’m thinking this could be a different issue. If I mute every single track, and just play the metronome, I get this sound. Same if I mute every track and just play the kick. Video below.

master compressor is really heavy handed and can make clicks adn stuff too
have u tried turning that down?

maybe you have “punch” cranked way up in mixer parameters

thank you both for responding. the master compressor is turned all the way down. I just did a factory reset and this problem continues.

It seems quite strange (the clicking is just as loud even if the kick or metronome is turned very low).

Any advice on repairs? I bought second-hand.

than its some electrical interference. probably a micro-component damage. you can still debug digital vs. analogue audio. Try connecting with USB-C cable and stream digital audio.

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Yes it works fine over USB. Thank you for the confirmation that it is probably micro-component damage.


I made some new kits with op1 drum utility and when loaded my user samples all had clicks and pops.
Having just upgraded fw I downgraded, factory resetted and upgraded fw again.
Clicks and pops were still there. :frowning: ??? I was fearing an HW issue reading the posts here, but my metronome, factory samples and so on were sounding with no issues.
I then just used another USB port on my laptop and finally it worked as usual. The port giving me problems is one that charge even if the PC is shut down.
I hope this can help someone out in the future as It took me a while to figure out as I was sure to have already used that USB connection before. :man_shrugging:

Hi! Although it was not possible to get to the true reason. But I think I’ve found a workaround. If you add a little effect on the problem channel, such as a reverb, the clicks disappear. I hope it helps.

Yesterday, my OP-Z began experiencing this issue. There’s a loud pitched tone when starting the unit, and then loud pops and clicks when playing a pattern. The clicks and pops continue for a few seconds after stopping playback. The problem occurs only when listening through the headphones output. USB audio is fine. A factory reset didn’t help. Fortunately, I still have one month of warranty remaining, and I have reached out to TE support. I am currently awaiting their response. Can I expect a prompt reply from them typically?

Still no news from TE support. Do you know how much time it takes them to usually reply?