Op-z audio output from DAW

Hey Peeps, hope you can help and clarify something for me.

I recently added the op-z to my family and I am truly blown away by this little thing.

I’m a bit confused about something. Maybe a day after I bought it I had it connected to my iPad (and beatmaker3) with Power+CCK and I’m sure I was able to listen to the Beatmaker3 output through the headphones connected to the op-z!!

I can record the audio from the op-z to the DAW (ipad or macbook) fine. but now I can not get any sound from any apps when I have the op-z connected via the usb cable (same goes for when I connect with Logic on the macbook), so now I am thinking I must have been mistaken previously.

My question is, can the op-z (with FW 1.2.5) act as a traditional sound card and output the ipad/macbook audio thru the headphone trrs jack?

Thank for reading.


It will, but you need to be in Sample Mode, and press PLAY to monitor the USB audio.

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Thanks, that worked.