op-Z battery only setup

Thoughts please on ultimate small portable battery / power bank only setup.
I want to know best small things to carry together ( speakers, FX machines etc etc whatever, just all battery.)


First of all, fantastic username.

To answer your question, it depends on what you already have and what you want to do. I’m also fascinated by portability, but, for example, I would never recommend my equipment to someone interested in performing live because that’s never been my goal.

Here’s my full battery-powered setup, in order of what I’d recommend to a fellow OP-Z enthusiast (I assume):

  • Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2s: storing backup loops and samples; recording songs and performances; playing performance FX as an external FX unit or as an end-of-chain FX unit. Can also be used as a (noisy) mic with a vocoder. Downside is it goes through batteries fast so I only recommend this if you have rechargeable batteries. I also find the sampler kind of pointless aside from storing sounds to resample on the OP-1/OP-Z
  • OP-Z Line Module: not sure if this counts, but the line module makes it easy to use the OP-Z with an external FX unit and easy to sync with other equipment. My other recommendations assume you have this.
  • Zoom R16: it’s a battery powered recorder/interface, but it’s still kinda big. Similar to a Tascam. I like using this to record instrument parts, and I use it to send audio from my mics into my OP-1 to loop (note: the OP-1’s line in isn’t great).
  • OP-1: the polar opposite of the OP-Z. They don’t work as nicely together as you would think (if you connect them via USB the OP-Z battery will run out quickly), but the weaknesses of one are the strengths of the other… and vice versa. For example, the OP-Z has an awful keyboard but amazing sequencing; the OP-1 has a great keyboard (imo) but awful sequencing. The OP-1 is great at looping and overdubbing, which the OP-Z can’t do.
  • PO-12 & PO-14: I love these devices and they sync well with the OP-Z, but they’re glitchy and I find the pocket operators to be more fun and useful when used individually or as a pair than with the OP-1 or OP-Z.

If I were starting over with only an OP-Z, I might get the following to address its weaknesses:

  • OP-Z Line module
  • A smaller MIDI keyboard with drum pads
  • A CME WIDI UHost or something similar (for BLE MIDI to avoid draining the OP-Z’s battery)
  • An MKP2 for extra sample storage, FX, and recording

I’m no expert but hopefully this gives you a few ideas to look into!

Thanks. Yes, if I ever record / share anything that’ll be my name.
Really appreciate the thoughts there. I have one PO lots little Korg machines ( volcas/ monotron etc ) but interested in what others have actually used with the Op -Z . I do have a v nice Bose speaker too. I wonder if anyone has used any v small twin speakers for true stereo too. Thanks again - I will be returning to your ideas. I’m less interested in proper ‘performance’ , more the seaside / mountaintop experiences.

My top combo is op-z plus the line module and 1010music Lemondrop. Very powerful granular synth that can also work as an fx unit or real-time granulariser on the op-z. It is tiny and can run on a power bank.

Looking at a SH-4D and I’ve heard the MC-101 is a great pair with op-z.

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Thanks. Lemon looks really great. Will dig into that a bit. Any further comments on how you use that combo very welcome. Cheers.

minirig speakers have worked well for me, can be chained together for stereo and used to charge things over USB

Thanks. Those look so great. I didn’t know about the stereo option .

Here is a pic of the setup, which is pretty portable for a work trip or vacation.

I have the line module installed on the op-z.

I set my lemondrop on midi channel 12, the module track, and sequence it from there.

I can chose to have a synth sound come from the Lemondrop into the Z. I can also send audio from the Z for real-time granularising on the Lemondrop or just run the sound through the Lemondrop’s fx.

Typically I use it as an extra synth layer or for granularising the chord/lead/arp track.

I hope that helps.

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Great! thanks.
Any videos of this combo out there ?

A few on my Instagram: