Op-z battery

…is now taking about 2 hours to fully charge, when it used to be 30 mins tops. I really ranted when TE scaled down the batt life from their initial atlantic announcement, but they got it so right with super quick charging times vs.extra life…perfect for travelling. Except now it doesn`t.

. Anyone has this problem? I probably charge it once every two weeks, not being a heavy abuser.

i discovered that since the latest update the battery indication runs with a green blinking light even when the battery is fully charged but still plugged via USB.

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Good to know, just received mine and been scratching my head at the manual instructions vs. the blinking reality.

I am actually in the process of re-calibrating the battery meter. Trying my hardest to kill the battery. It’s been on a single blinking light for … three days now… :smile:

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