OP-Z Battle 001



Is it limited to what is put down on the sequencer? For example, if tape tricks were played live, or parameter changes were changing over the course of the track, but not automated, would that violate the rules?


That’s a good point. It seems that the spirit of the battle says no live manipulations. It’s meant to stretch what you can do with one pattern and the sequencer.

How about no live trigger changes, nor parameter changes. But live tape effects are ok, because they don’t sound nearly as cool when sequenced.

And to follow on, no punch-in effects, for the same reason.



I second that!


What about recorded punch in effects on the performance channel that can be muted/unmuted?

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I guess muting is a legit way to extend a single pattern. So as long as the punch in effects are sequenced, then they’re fine.

I also didn’t realize you could sequence punch-in effects. I’m totally going to try that now!


The sequencing of the punch-in track is a very powerful feature, I used it in one of my songs to fill 8 bars of punch-in effects, setting the track speed at 8, now with the new firmware you can sequence 16 bars! That’s crazy, you can add a lot of variety to just one pattern.


This battle is already teaching me great stuff!


Yeah, just tried this, how crazy is that! Even muting the punch-in track track works fine! Now, adding a few step components (trigger sparks, jumps) on there would be even more the bomb.


Step components on the master track would be amazing for one-pattern songs.


Count me in!


It’s a peaceful, quiet Friday night at home. I just installed new speakers on my livingroom bookshelf. It’s the perfect night to make a pattern and record something nice. Here is my submission, recorded direct to Tascam DP-006, no fancy stuff, just how like it. Took advantage of mute groups, sequencing the key on the master track, and the performance track.


Nice and chilled!


I’m in!! Just for the record, mute groups are allowed???


Yes! Already asked above. Mute groups are cool.


@Mistercharlie :grin:


Here’s my entry. All in one pattern, just using mutegroups to switch stuff up.


The section at 44 seconds is super cool. How do you do that with one Pattern? Using the transpose track? PS. Ive never played on opz




Thanks! I used a mute group to bring down the drums/percussion. You could also use the “duck” feature in the Performance Track to achieve a similar result. You can transpose chords in the master track OR on the chord itself by or by holding down the “tonality” step component button.