OP-Z Battle 1 Voting

Below are the ten submissions for our first OP-Z battle. One vote per forum member for your favorite track.

Voting open until end of day, May 10.

THE RULES (by @Mistercharlie)

One pattern tracks made with default slot 1 plugs. All internal, all OP-Z

  • Kick - Z-Kicks
  • Snare - Z-Snares
  • Perc - Z-Perc
  • Sample - Z-FX
  • Bass - Saw
  • Lead - Volt
  • Arp - Saw
  • Chord - Shade











If participants can vote, my vote goes to @Lymtronics. I really love the melody and progression, it feels like a properly fleshed out song and is a super impressive use of just stock sounds. :raised_hands:

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@Lymtronics - your track is just brilliant - I love it!

@Lymtronics smooth and nice, really impressed!

My vote goes to @fzero! Shit is dope!

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Throwing a vote in for @fzero.

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There are some great tracks in there. Really good quality. My vote goes to @Lymtronics - super track.

I have to say… i like the delicate beautiful ones too … but my vote is for @goatofneptune’s rather intense and ugly tune.

So the voting thread should have ended 11 days ago. Should we call it?